The Flexible Online Training Plan is designed for busy people who find it hard to juggle work and family commitments whilst still making time for their own health and fitness.

I know from personal experience that having a family, working from home or having flexible working hours is great; however during busy times a lack of structure makes it hard to be consistent and forge out healthy new habits to improve our health, fitness and general wellbeing.

Having some sort of plan is crucial for implementing changes and making progress. If we don’t have a plan, how do we know where to start, and how do we know if we are making progress?

With the Flexible Online Training Plan, you will make progress each week, safe in the knowledge that you are maintaining control over what you are doing. Even if you only have 20 minutes, you can open one of your tailored session plans in our app and start training

What do you get?

Direct access to Phil via FaceTime or phone with weekly check-ins and unlimited online support, advice and education.

A selection of training plans for home, the gym or outdoors. All individually tailored to you, your goals and the time available each week.

We calculate your calorie and macro requirements and give you a sample meal plan along with lots of tasty recipe options.

So how does the flexible training plan work?

Your training programmes are designed for home, outdoors or gym use. The home and outdoor training sessions require minimal equipment and the gym based plans use standard kit found in most commercial gyms. All training plans can be tailored to the time you have available between 20-60 minutes and include a warm up, cool down and stretch period.

What is unique about the Flexible Training Plan, is that it can be varied from week to week depending on your available time. Some weeks you may be able to fit in more exercise and make it to the gym two or three times, but during a busy week you might have very little time and a few short 20 minute home programmes will be part of your plan.

Programmes are delivered to you via our app and are reviewed every week to ensure that the training plans fit into the time you have and are always challenging to ensure your fitness is improving each and every week. Obviously, the more you train the quicker the progress will be.

Your overall training programme will include resistance training, cardio, active recovery and mobility plans for you to work through. Using our app enables us to see when you have completed each workout. This is in addition to a weekly check-in with Phil, who will keep you on track and ensure you are making progress each week. Your weekly check-in is also an opportunity to address any issues, ask questions and share progress and success.

What about nutrition?

The nutrition plan is individually designed for you and your specific needs. It is calculated for you depending on your goals, and takes into account your food likes and dislikes, the time of day you like to eat and the amount of time you have to prepare food.

Your nutrition plan will include alternative food choices, with a guide showing options for you to substitute into the plan along with the correct portion sizes.

The long term aim is to improve your eating habits and help you grow an understanding of what constitutes as a healthy and balanced diet. The aim of the ongoing support is to help you develop a long term sustainable diet that you enjoy, find easy to maintain and is balanced and healthy

Why Choose Us?

Body Active online training is unique in an online world of off the shelf, generic training plans. With 15 years of 1-2-1 Personal Training experience, I have coached many people of all ages and abilities enabling them to achieve the results they wanted.

My passion is evidenced based health and fitness, so people with little time will firstly be aiming to meet the minimum activity guidelines, which include aerobic and strength exercise. From there we build on these foundations to get you fitter, stronger and heading towards and beyond your goals.


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